Reading Plus® is a comprehensive, evidence based software solution for reading assessment and improvement for students reading on levels 1 through college/adult.

It is the result of over 75 years of research and development in the area of reading improvement technology. Reading Plus® addresses all of the elements of reading cited by the National Reading Panel including: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Comprehension and most importantly, Fluency in Silent Reading.

Additionally, Reading Plus® provides training in Attention and Concentration, Visual Functioning and Perceptual skills, subliminal activities (3-5 functions per second) that cannot be directed by a teacher nor controlled by students. Computerized training techniques are the only direct and effective means of developing and improving these processes.

Reading Plus® is typically used 2-3 times per week for 30-45 minute sessions for a total of approximately 135 minutes per week for a four month period. Students in greater need may engage in Reading Plus® for more sessions per week.

Using advanced tools such as the Visagraph eye-movement sensor Reading Plus® assesses a students basic reading skills and recommends curriculum based upon the students skills and abilities.

Reading Plus® installs on a server on your schools network and is deployed with a web-based interface that simplifies installation on all of your Mac and PC workstations. Reading Plus® is a product of Taylor Associates, an educational software developer in Huntington Station, NY

Features of Reading Plus®

  • Age-appropriate instructional content
  • Students learn reading skills in sequence
  • Varied forms of reading content involving previewing strategies and the development of multiple comprehension skills
  • Detailed management and reporting
  • Can be phased into classrooms, labs or site-wide

Benefits of Reading Plus®

  • Research-based assessment and instruction designed to develop the basic visual/functional perceptual processing skills needed for fluency in reading
  • Improvement of automaticity and effortless vocabulary/word recognition skills
  • Multi-level as well as multi-modal instructional approaches
  • Intensive reading instruction, practice and training designed to develop reading text fluently with good comprehension


Reading Plus® provides the following Assessment capabilities:

  • RPA, Reading Placement Appraisal provides the independent (functional) reading level including vocabulary, reading rate and comprehension level.
  • VISAGRAPH, profiles the the students’ FRP (Fundamental Reading Process) which is how the print is seen and visually processed.


Reading Plus® provides the following Instructional components:

  • PAVE, develops visual/functional efficiency and perceptual accuracy — basic requisites for fluent silent reading and all learning and vocational needs.
  • WORD MEMORY, develops automaticity in word recognition and visual/functional proficiency–basic prerequisites for the development of reading fluency. (1-3)
  • GUIDED READING, develops fluency (efficiency) in the most basic reading processes resulting in ease and comfort, adequate reading rates and improved comprehension.(1-12)
  • CLOZE-PLUS, develops comprehension skills and vocabulary through structured cloze and contextual analysis strategies.(1-8)
  • COMP POWER, improves comprehension and study skill strategies through preview skimming and comprehensive reading practice. (1-12)
  • READING AROUND WORDS, expands word knowledge through structured contextual analysis strategies. (1-8)

Unique to Reading Plus®, the Visagraph is a diagnostic instrument that records a students eye movements while reading.

In an easy-to-use assessment test students read a prepared passage and then answer questions to determine comprehension. The Visagraph tracks the students eye movements and correlates these to the text being read. The result is a unique assessment of the students fundamental reading ability, along with a prescription for treatment. Please click here to learn more about the Visagraph and its use in the WIN 2000 System.