Ortho-K – Correct your vision while you sleep

Overnight Vision Correction (OVC) lenses are worn when sleeping and then removed in the morning to provide clear, comfortable vision without the need to wear contact lenses during the day. No more restrictions on how long you wear your lenses, no more irritation in dry, smoky environments or at the end of a long day.

Ortho-K is ideal for low-mid short sighted people who:

  • Want clear natural vision all day – every day
  • Find soft contact lenses do not fulfil the comfort demands their lifestyle places on their eyes
  • Are involved in recreational and sports activities where periods without wearing contact lenses is ideal
  • Have considered refractive surgery because of the freedom it provides, but are worried about the risks

So how is this possible? Very simply, OVC is a specially designed contact lens that acts like a jelly mould to gently reshape your eye and correct your vision. The lens is designed to give at least 36 hours of correction so there is no danger that your vision will fade during the day.

With Ortho-K you will benefit from:

  • Freedom from contact lenses and glasses during the day
  • Very easy adaptation, only overnight lens wear required
  • A comfortable, semi-permanent alternative for the correction of short sightedness
  • A safe and reversible vision correction therapy without surgery

Can I really just sleep and see?

Yes. Once the effect is complete you simply remove the lenses each morning and can see normally. Also – and this is really clever – you will be able to see clearly with the lenses in when you wake up in the morning (or in the middle of the night). It is a really clear future 24/7!

How quickly will it work?

After the first night most of the necessary correction has been achieved. Normally within a week your sight during the day will be ‘treated’ and you will no longer be reliant on glasses or contact lenses.

Is Ortho-K safe?

Yes. Research and experience show that the whole process is 100% reversible. So if you decide to stop wearing Ortho K for whatever reason, the eye will return to its original shape and you will see clearly with your glasses again. This makes OVC an excellent alternative to laser eye surgery and is readily available at Classic Eyes.

How do I try Ortho K?

Simply book an appointment at any Classic Eyes branch for a suitability consultation. If you are suitable your eyes will be analysed on an eye-mapping instrument and from the data gathered, lenses ordered. Following lens collection and your first overnight wear, we will monitor your progress regularly.

What will it cost?

The treatment is similar in price to wearing premium daily disposable contact lenses every day. Your lenses will need replacing every 6 months in order to ensure that they are always providing the optimum correction of your vision. We offer a monthly direct debit system of payment for complete peace of mind.

For more information please see the following website for EyeDream lenses.


from: http://igolenses.co.uk/case-study/henry-scanlan-84.html

Henry Scanlan – Overnight contact lenses for teenage surfer who wanted alternative to prescription glasses.

henryscanlanI first realised there was something wrong with Henry’s eyesight when he had to bury his face right in the sports pages in order to read them. I’d always kept up with opticians’s appointments for the children but as they got older and busier had managed to miss one. In that one year Henry’s eyesight had deteriorated – not by much but enough to mean he could no longer read the classroom whiteboard with ease.

So, armed with his prescription we explored the options. After trying several hundred pairs of glasses, Henry decided that he was not going to look as cool as Johnny Depp in any of them. Next, contact lenses – we could have gone for the conventional daywear but we are fortunate enough to have an excellent optician who offered us something better: IGO Lenses.

These lenses are worn at night during which time they correct short-sightedness. They took a little getting used to but the benefits have been worth it. When Henry removes them in the morning from then on he enjoys perfect vision all day. Partaking of the usual teenage activities, there are times when he is up all hours and the distinction between day and night is a little blurred but happily his vision isn’t as the correction can last up to 48 hours for him.

Henry himself is constantly in awe that his sight deficit can be corrected in this way and loves the freedom they offer him. We live on the coast and one of his greatest pleasures is to jump on his bike and nip down to the sea for a quick dip.

The lenses are more expensive than other lenses but they can slow down the normal rate of deterioration, which from my point of view as a parent, is the greatest benefit of all.

Henry was treated at:

Classic Eyes
55 Bourne Ave, BOURNEMOUTH, Dorset
01202 317313