Home-based Lazy Eye vision therapy from AmblyoPlay

AmblyoPlay, a home-based vision therapy solution for children and adults with amblyopia (lazy eye), mild strabismus (crossed or turned eye) or convergence insufficiency (eyes unable to focus together), is now available at Classic Eyes Eye Care Centre in Poole and Bournemouth.

With a prevalence of 2–5%, amblyopia is the most common vision deficit in children in the UK. Colloquially known as lazy eye, amblyopia is a vision development disorder in which the vision of one eye is less developed than the other. Because the brain has a difficult time merging two images when one is of weaker quality, it starts to favour the stronger eye over the weaker one.

Traditional vision therapy exercises used to treat amblyopia are repetitive and time-consuming, which often leads to abandonment of the therapy for a high proportion of patients – especially young children. With AmblyoPlay, users perform vision therapy through red and blue glasses and interactive gaming software and are rewarded with tokens they can exchange for physical awards that are sent to their home. The program – available via Windows and Mac computers, Android tablets and iPads – stimulates the eye muscles through two 15-minute sessions per day.

We realised quickly that for our target age group – children aged four to 14 – making the therapy engaging and rewarding was the first step in supporting parents and doctors as they treat amblyopia,” said Žan Menart, CEO of Smart Optometry Ltd. “Lazy eye can lead to depth perception and vision problems that have long-lasting effects, like reading and learning difficulties, social trauma, disadvantages playing sports, difficulty obtaining a driver’s license and more.”

AmblyoPlay is an innovative and effective treatment for Amblyopia and Strabismus at our practice. Patients are engaged by personalised activities designed to enhance their quality of vision and binocularity. Progress is easily monitored and tracked at home and the best bit, it works and it’s fun!” Josie Jimmy, Vision Therapist Classic Eyes Ltd.

For more information about AmblyoPlay, visit www.amblyoplay.com.

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