The Intuitive Colorimeter was developed by Professor Arnold Wilkins and the Medical Research Council, UK It is fully supported by research studies and controlled trials. It is used under the direction of an optometrist to logically and sequentially explore colour space to find the optimal Precision Tint for the relief of perceptual distortions such as Dyslexia, Meyers Ihnen syndrome, ADHD.

With the large number of colour combinations available (100,000) and the technology accessed by Optometrists and clinicians wordwide, what is a major disadvantage to people can now be promptly and easily alleviated.

The Colorimeter independently changes the 3 parameters of colour, hue, saturation and brightness while the eyes are colour adapted. This will give a final colour which is extremely precise to each individual’s needs. The colour will be different for each person and the precision coming from a choice of over 100,000 colour combinations now available. In its most effective form this prescription will be delivered as Cerium Precision Tinted Lenses (Cerium is the manufacturer of the Intuitive Colorimeter).

The tint is selected rapidly and efficiently in an examination lasting about 20-30 minutes carried out by one of our optometrists.

The optimal colour which will benefit each individual can change over time, especially with children. It is therefore very important that the patient visits the specialised Optometrist regularly for re-evaluations.

The optimal colour can also be available with soft Contact Lenses.

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