Aftercare and Additional Services

Frame styling and Fitting

No two people are alike. No two eyes are alike, either. Only a customised fitting can truly account for the unique character of every eye. The more precise the examination of your eye and your visual patterns, the better your visual experience will be when you put on your new glasses.

Custom frames and fitting

Frames that fit comfortably are hardly noticed but an ill fitting pair can be the bane of your life. Our fully trained frame stylists and dispensers will ensure that your frame fits your face perfectly and that you will be trouble free for as long as you wear your frames. All frames are measured during the initial frame styling and fine adjustments made during a final fitting when you collect your completed pair. If they do not fit well after all adjustments have been made then we will replace your frame with something more suitable. We also offer a bespoke frame design and fitting service – a handmade bespoke frame is the ultimate luxury (see Tom Davies frames)

Custom Lens measurement and fitting

What makes a lens unique? How much measuring data does it take to perfectly align the lens with your individual needs? And why will you enjoy better vision if you choose customised lenses?

Try this exercise: cover half of your face with a mirror while standing in front of another mirror. Your face will look strange to you – unnatural, even. Not a single person on earth has a perfectly symmetrical face. Surprisingly, this fact plays a role in how well you see through your glasses. The distance of the eye from the lens, the angle of the lens in front of the face, the wrap of the frame – they all affect the clarity of your vision. Your visual impression will be more comfortable and more relaxed if your lenses and frames are aligned accurately with your individual symmetry and the shape of your face.

It is even more important to obtain such precise data if your lens is highly complex or you have a strong prescription. The greatest challenge is the production of progressive lenses.

What individual data is important for customisation?

There are many factors unique to you that affect the quality of vision you receive from your spectacles. Only a customised lens can be designed to account for these factors.

When you take into consideration the following variables you will understand why it is difficult to dispense reasonably comfortable spectacles via the internet.


Measurement of the distance between the right and left eye from the centre of the pupil to the bridge of the nose.


The point where your left and right eye looks through the lens is also different from eye to eye. It is measured from the bottom rim of the glasses; i.e., the rim of the frame.


Given that every face has a different profile, the tilt of the glasses is different also. For the best vision possible, this angle should be used in the calculation of your individual lens requirements.


This distance, known as back vertex distance, also differs from individual to individual.


Reading distance: The most comfortable focussing distant differs from person to person depending on their personal preferrence as well as the function required (i.e. computer work, music playing etc.)


To adjust the glasses to your face, the frame is slightly concave. Experts call this the degree of wrap. It also has to be included in the precise calculation of an individual lens.