Spectacles are a lot like cars – Any car will get you from point A to point B but the safety, comfort and power differs from model to model. The purpose of the car will also influence your decision as to what to drive – so too with your spectacles. Modern technology caters to every whim of the consumer.

Spectacle frames can:

  • Enhance any face shape (eg. round, oval, square)
  • Accommodate any feature (eg. large nose bridge, flat nose bridge, high cheekbones)
  • Cater to any use or application (eg. Sports specific, children’s, hearing aids)
  • Adapt to fashion (eg. Designer, preppy, retro)

For all it’s versatility and design, the only reason for an optical frame is too keep the ophthalmic lenses in place in a safe and secure way to help us SEE clearly and comfortably. The spectacle lens is the ‘engine’ under the bonnet of the car. As with a car you have a choice as to how much you are willing to spend in order to correct your vision.

Ophthalmic lenses:

Modern ophthalmic lenses are made from either plastic/polycarbonate or high quality glass. Glass lenses are prescribed less often as they are heavier than the plastic alternatives. Modern coating methods have also made plastic lenses more resistant to scratching making them a more reliable choice. For more information on glass lenses please see Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crown_glass_(optics)

At Classic Eyes our preferred lens choices for dispensing are:


Zeiss high technology lenses http://www.nikon-lenswear.com/g/technology-con.html

Their SEE MAX single vision lens offers unprecedented visual optimization at all times. For more information and all relevant technical details please click here. http://www.nikon-lenswear.com/g/products-seeseries.html

Progressive lens fitting is very subjective and it is easy for a wearer to ‘bounce’ lenses they find difficult to adapt to – we find that the Zeiss GT2 lens offers the highest rate of tolerance. http://www.zeiss.com/4125682000258738/EmbedTitelIntern/GT2_SellSheet/$File/GT2_SellSheet.pdf


The Essilore Physio range of ophthalmic lenses revolutionised the market for progressive lenses when it launched in in 2006. The high resolution vision offers a higher field of view and improved contrast sensitivity. Download a brochure by following this link http://www.essilor.co.uk/lensinfo/varilux/physio2.html


Seiko lenses are:

• Up to 50% thinner and 45% lighter than conventional plastic lenses
• Provide natural and comfortable vision with accurate image perception
• Clearer than conventional plastic lenses due to minimal surface reflections
• Reduced magnification of the wearers eyes
• Include excellent anti reflection coatings on both sides of the lens
• Easy to clean due to the water and dirt repellent surface

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